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Plumbing Maintenance

Taps, Fittings and Replacement

Dripping Taps

There is almost nothing more irritating than a dripping tap. And faulty faucets are more than just an annoyance, they can cost a lot in increased water bills—not to mention wasting water that comes from our not-inexhaustible reservoirs! Drips are often the result of a worn out or broken washer, or a fault or crack in the hardware itself. Although a small task such as getting your drippy tap repaired is easy to push down the to-do list, the longer you wait the more water and time is being wasted. Prolonged dripping can also cause water spots and rust.

Get the Garcia Plumbing team in to stop the drip before the leak costs more than the repair! Our experienced plumbers will get this done quickly, efficiently and to a high standard, leaving your taps operating as intended and your sleep uninterrupted by the constant sound of water dripping.

Bathroom & Kitchen Fittings

All of the fittings in your kitchen and bathroom require maintenance to work effectively in their job of bringing water in and waste out of your home. Small issues like leaks, drips, stiffness, and blockages can become bigger ones when left to fester, so it’s important to stay on top of things.

We can service, check, maintain, and repair all of the fittings and fixtures in your bathroom or kitchen. From plumbed fridges to bidets, Garcia Plumbing can help you to maintain your plumbing and keep it in tip top shape. Get in touch with us about your plumbing needs across the Wellington area.


When a particular piece of plumbing reaches the end of its lifespan or it’s time for a change in your bathroom or kitchen, get the experts in to replace it. Garcia Plumbing can replace fittings, pipes, and components across the Wellington area, doing a thorough and quality job of removing the old and installing the new.

Replacing fittings small and large requires skill and care. It’s important to ensure that all plumbing is in place and sound, that any gaps are filled sufficiently to avoid leaks and rot, and the finished result looks great. We can do that for you!

Client Reviews

We highly recommend Kieran. He worked with us on a number of jobs for our home. He provided us great advice, and delivered high quality work. Kieran is professional, and friendly.

Catherine Elizabeth8 July 2020

Would highly recommend Kieran for all your plumbing needs. I have used his services twice. We did a laundry refit and he suggested changes to tidy the existing plumbing work for the washing machine and laundry sink. Also, Kieran installed some drainage outside my house to redirect surface water off my front pathway. Both jobs resulted in tidy and elegant plumbing solutions and we are very satisfied with the end results. Overall, he is great to deal with, very professional and efficient in his work. Would definitely use him again!

Alastair Shum30 October 2019

I have used Kieran’s plumbing services on many occasions. He removed and relocated a new hot water cylinder, did the plumbing for my kitchen renovation including fitting a sink and installed a vanity and new shower head and mixer in my bathroom. He is very professional, friendly and efficient I was really impressed with the work and how he went above and beyond to make sure things went smoothly and I got what I want.

Sarah Sez6 November 2019

We have used Kieran’s services (both gas and plumbing) a number of times over the years to help find and address leaks on our property, for refitting of kitchen and bathroom when renovating and for installation of infinity systems for both our house and unit. He is friendly, trustworthy, efficient and considerate and we have always found him to do a great job, with great communication before and after the job is done. Thanks for all your hard work, Kieran!

Sarah Ky6 November 2019

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