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Leaking Pipes

Burst Pipes & Leaking Drains, You Name It

Burst & Busted Pipes

Pipes are the building block of modern plumbing, transporting water and waste around to make our lives easier and more convenient. What’s not convenient, however, is when they burst or leak. This can be caused by a variety of things including old age, rodents, ground movement, tree roots, errant spades, and more. A burst pipe may be obvious immediately, while a slow leak might first make itself known in your expensive water bill. Damp or moldy wall and floor sections are another indicator that something is not right in the plumbing, along with decreased water pressure.

Whether your damaged pipe is causing a costly leak or a gushing fountain, you’ll want to get it fixed or replaced as soon as possible. Garcia Plumbing can attend to leaking pipes around the Wellington region. If you have or suspect a leaky pipe problem at your place, first turn the water off to avoid expensive repairs or an increased bill! Then, give us a call. We are very experienced in fixing leaky or bust pipes and will do a quality repair or replacement which will save you from issues later on.

Leaking Hot Water

A leaking hot water cylinder is bad news! Not only does it mean a lack of hot water, but it can add to your electricity and water bills and is also dangerous should the heating element become exposed or the electronics wet where they shouldn’t be. Leaks can also be indicative of pressure buildup, which can have dire consequences if left unfixed.

Hot water cylinder leaks can come from the cylinder itself, from the pipes leading in and out, or from components like taps and valves. If you notice a leak, you should turn off the water to the cylinder and also turn off the power to the cylinder at your switchboard to protect against wet electrical components and burnout of the element when the tank empties. Then, give Garcia Plumbing a call. We can replace and repair leaking hot water cylinders and their components all over the Wellington region.

Bathroom Leaks

A bathroom has many taps to bring water in and waste outlets to let it out. That means a lot of places where your bathroom could spring a leak! Whether it’s a burst pipe gushing water into the walls or a dripping tap wasting water and adding to your bills, Garcia Plumbing can stop the leak and have your bathroom functioning as it’s supposed to.

If your bathroom is on an upper level, the first sign of a leak might be water stains on the ceiling above. You may also spot leaks via wetness on the floor, for example frequent pools of water or just damp spots next to a toilet or shower enclosure. Mold on silicone and seals or peeling paintwork is another sign to look for. When water is coming into constant contact with walls and floors, major damage can be done—even the smallest bathroom leak could result in rotted floorboards, joists, and ply.

To avoid the long-term issues that come with bathroom leaks, get our plumbers in to fix them as soon as you find them. The Garcia Plumbing team are reliable, professional, and experienced in repairing leaks across the Wellington region.

Client Reviews

We highly recommend Kieran. He worked with us on a number of jobs for our home. He provided us great advice, and delivered high quality work. Kieran is professional, and friendly.

Catherine Elizabeth8 July 2020

Would highly recommend Kieran for all your plumbing needs. I have used his services twice. We did a laundry refit and he suggested changes to tidy the existing plumbing work for the washing machine and laundry sink. Also, Kieran installed some drainage outside my house to redirect surface water off my front pathway. Both jobs resulted in tidy and elegant plumbing solutions and we are very satisfied with the end results. Overall, he is great to deal with, very professional and efficient in his work. Would definitely use him again!

Alastair Shum30 October 2019

I have used Kieran’s plumbing services on many occasions. He removed and relocated a new hot water cylinder, did the plumbing for my kitchen renovation including fitting a sink and installed a vanity and new shower head and mixer in my bathroom. He is very professional, friendly and efficient I was really impressed with the work and how he went above and beyond to make sure things went smoothly and I got what I want.

Sarah Sez6 November 2019

We have used Kieran’s services (both gas and plumbing) a number of times over the years to help find and address leaks on our property, for refitting of kitchen and bathroom when renovating and for installation of infinity systems for both our house and unit. He is friendly, trustworthy, efficient and considerate and we have always found him to do a great job, with great communication before and after the job is done. Thanks for all your hard work, Kieran!

Sarah Ky6 November 2019

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