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Are you wondering why you might need a gasfitter? Many people don’t know what the profession actually does and are unsure in what instance they might have to engage a gasfitter’s services. Garcia Plumbing and Gas fitting explain a few situations where you should use a certified gasfitter.

Repair and maintenance of a gas appliance

If you have gas appliances in your home or office, you are going to need a licenced gasfitter to repair and maintain these. These include gas cooking, heating, hot water and fireplaces. It is crucial to assess and tests these appliances regularly to ensure they operate safely to the standard they are required to. Contrary to what some might think, having gas in your home is completely safe if it is installed and maintained correctly by a certified gasfitter. There are no risks of gas leaks or explosions if the whole process from installation to repairs and maintenance has been carried out by an experienced professional! So, if you need any repairs and maintenance done to your appliances, you need a certified gasfitter, as it is illegal to alter these yourself.

Installation of a gas appliance

If you are building a new home or are doing renovations at your current place and would like to install new gas appliances, you will also need a certified gasfitter. These professionals can install gas pipes and connect your new gas hob or hot water system to the source. It is essential to know that only a certified gasfitter is qualified to join and work on gas pipes, so don’t try and get the job done through one of your tradie friends! Make sure you contact a gasfitter early during the renovation process, so you get it right from the beginning.

Making sure your appliance is safe

Gasfitters test appliances regularly and will issue you with a certificate at the conclusion of a new installation. This verifies that your appliance has been installed correctly and tested by a certified gasfitter. Ensure you keep this document in a safe place as this is a legal requirement. If you feel there is an issue with your gas fireplace or heating after installation, make sure you contact your gasfitter, who can test it again and find the source of the problem, such as a hole in the pipe that’s causing the gas to leak. It is a good idea to do these tests regularly, which will ensure your gas appliances are still safe. Your gasfitter will point out any underlying problems and repair them during maintenance.

Why you should choose Garcia Plumbing and Gas fitting

The team at Garcia Plumbing and Gas fitting is certified to do installations, maintenance and repair on all your gas appliances. With several years of professional experience, we have worked on a number of various gas appliances and are experts in anything to do with gas. If you would like to ensure your home is safe and your gas appliances are working to their full potential, get in touch with us, and we can install, repair and maintain them!


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